Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The diary of a nobody - Day 1

30th August 2011 –   Today on the very first day of Raya eve I’ve decided to challenge myself to write a diary for myself...maybe not consistently; honestly, as I am not a consistent person and never be one either. So with a dismal hope , I will  try my best to commit for 30- days diaries writing challenge. Lol. Its kind of awkward to suddenly update your blog after a year of absence.

This might not have been my very first attempt. I first start writing a diaries at a very young age when I was 10 but decided to stop due to an unpleasant experience or so if I recall.

What is the use of diaries? I kept pondering.....
A diaries might be handy for someone who is as forgetful as me. A diaries is like a treasure chest that kept your thought and memories but unfortunately this is not like a Aladdin or Sinbad tales where the treasure chest is safely guarded by a scary monster and hidden in a sunken caves deep in the desert or forest.

Be warn that your diaries are very much accessible to your surrounding people...be it your families, friends , loved ones or cats... meowww..purr

and if in any chance this people read through your diaries and figure out the real thought or feelings you have on someone or on a particular subject/ event........you’ll be doomed.........you’ll be embarrassed to the point that you hope the messenger of death will just come over and take your life....whoossshh... (coz it’s a sin to kill yourself....lol)

Well, when I first wrote my diaries no one had given me any caveat and eventually I let a friend read mine ..... and until now I just can’t forget the expression and the laughter that burst out. OMG........I feel like dying that time...my face turn as red as cherry those day when I was fairer..(now da gelap mcm negro).... (= _ =)>

On a second note, it might also muddled up your relationship with your diaries subject. Imagine if the same person who you writing are about are the one who read your diaries....  ohhh...scary!!!...and embarrassing still...
So now as a matured and grown up girl turning to woman (unlikely)....Ive came up with few solutions and rule for diaries writing :-

  1. Never reveal your own or anyone identities on your diaries (don’t even try to use a real name, or even share your background like workplace or residential area )
  2. Go for e-diaries it is much more safer than having them lying around the house. (Lock your laptop all the times to avoid privacy invasions)
A simple rules that might keep your relationship healthy despite whatever complaint or comment you wrote on them unknowingly.......hehe!!

I know I sounds stupid...u dont have to imply it ...haih

Well, I haven’t take any bath yet and so latter guys!!


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